How to unlock my PIN?

  1. To unlock your PIN, you have to login to your personal webspace on

  2. Go to the management of your card through your profile and click on "Manage my PIN code".


  3. Please insert your logins (email address & password) for safety reasons.


  4. The status of your PIN code will be shown as follows. If you have entered your PIN wrongly three times during a payment, the status will be "Blocked". Next, you can click on "Unlock your PIN".


  5. Then insert your CVC code, the 3 numbers at the back of your card, after the PAN code.


  6. The following message appears on the screen.  Simply close the window.


  7. In this final step you will have to insert your card twice in the terminal. The first time for the unlocking of your Pin code to take effect and a second time in order to reactivate it. 

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