How to activate my PIN?

  1. If you want to change your PIN code, you have to go to your personal webspace.

  2. Go to the management of your card through your profile and click on "Manage my PIN code".


  3. Please insert your logins (email address & password) for safety reasons.


  4. Now you can start the PIN activation process.


  5. Then insert your CVC code, the 3 numbers at the back of your card, after the PAN code.


  6. Now, you can put in the new PIN code of your own choice. 


  7. The activation confirmation will be shown on the screen as follows. At your next "contact" payment (that means when you have to put your card in a terminal), no PIN code will be demanded. The PIN code will be asked from the 2nd payment onwards. .


  8. Once you have made this 2nd payment, the status of your PIN code will be changed into "Active".
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