The Validity of my Tickets

The Edenred products have different validity periods: 

  • Ticket Restaurant: 1 year
  • Ticket Compliments: 1 year
  • Ticket Ecocheques: 2 year

The expiry date therefore depends on the product and its loading date.

You can easily retrieve find your tickets' expiry date on:

Your Personal Myedenred Webspace

When you log on to your MyEdenred Webspace, you will see the first expiry dates under each balance:


Solde_FAQ_DATE_EN.jpg If you have created a personal web space, you will also be notified several times by e-mail when your checks expire:


For Ticket EcoCheque and Ticket Compliments:
  • 6 months before the expiry date
  • 90 days before the expiration date
  • 15 days before the expiration date
For Ticket Restaurant:
  • 90 days before the expiration date
  • 15 days before the expiration date


Create a personal MyEdenred webspace if you do not have one yet. That way, we can surely inform you by e-mail when your Tickets are about to expire.

On your app MyEdenred

To consult the expiration date of your vouchers, please download the app "MyEdenred" from Edenred Belgium. U can recognize it by this icon:


U can find the expiration date underneath your balance.

Your shopping bill
On your shopping bill you can find (1) the product you paid with, (2) your remaining balance, (3) the expiry date. This information is usually printed at the end of the bill.
By Phone
Call us on 027022002 and follow the instructions to check your balance.

Enter your card number and choose option 1 to check your balance. You will then receive all balance information, including the expiry dates.

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