How can I check my balance?

  • On your Personal Web Space on
  • On the free mobile app TicketFinder
  • Via a text message (send SALDO + card number tor 3621 - €0,15 per sent & received message)
  • By calling 02/702.20.02 (national tarification applies)
  • On most receipts
  • On the payment terminal if your balance proves insufficient to pay
How do I check my balance or transactions on my Personal MyEdenred Web Space?

In order to check your balance or transactions, you first have to log in to your personal web space.

- On the top left, you can find the balance of your Ticket Restaurant, Ticket EcoCheque and / or Ticket Compliments.

- On the top right, you can find information on your transactions by clicking on "My Transactions".


How do I consult my balance on the mobile app?

First download the official Edenred Belgium app. you can recognise it by these icons:


To check your balance & transactions, you'll have to introduce your card number to log in.

On the Home Page, you then choose "My Balance".


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