How do I activate my card?

Through your personal web space via or through your MyEdenred app

Your card must be activated in order to be used.

When you receive your card (via post or your employer), you can easily check whether the card has already been activated by your employer, or if you need to activate it yourself. To check, go to your personal web space via or via MyEdenred app.

  1. Go to your personnal space via or through your MyEdenred application .
  2. A pop-up will automatically appear in order to activate your card instantly.
  3. To activate it later, go to the menu Manage my card and click on the button "Activate my card".

  4. The status of your card is now "Active".

Trough a telephone call

A telephone number +32 2 702 20 02" is also available to activate your card.
To do so, you just have to choose option 1 "I have my card number" and follow the vocal procedure.
Activation will then take place automatically.

Through your employer

Would experience any problem during this procedure ask your employer to activate your card for you through his customer web space.
Your employers can visit this FAQ page in order to obtain more information.


Only activate your card after you have received it!
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