Insufficient balance - I can't make a transaction with my Edenred card.

This probably means that you still have Edenred Consumption with an earlier expiration date.

For example, I have the following balances on my card:

  • 90 euros of Edenred Meal that expire on 01/03/2023
  • 2 euros of Edenred Consumption that expire on 31/12/2022

If I decide to spend my Edenred Meal at the supermarket, for a total of 50 euros, after presenting my Edenred card: the transaction will not go through and the terminal will specify a lack of balance. Indeed, as  Edenred Consumption are the first to expire, they are automatically selected by the terminal.

What do I have to do?

    • Ask to make a first transaction of the remaining balance in Edenred Consumption (=2€). It is not necessary to specify that you want to pay with your Edenred Consumption.
    • Ask to make a second transaction of the remaining balance of 48€. 
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