Where can I spend the digital Consumption Voucher?

You can use Consumption Voucher Edenred in electronic format on the Edenred card as well as in paper format. if you are in one of the following sectors:

  • Horeca
  • Retail shops that offer goods in the customer’s physical presence, including repair services
  • Cinemas and cultural establishments that are recognised, approved or subsidised by the relevant authority
  • Swimming pools, gyms, bowling halls and sports associations for which there is a federation that is recognised, approved or subsidised by the Communities or which belong to one of the national federations
  • Well-being centres: massage, sauna, sunbed, hammam, etc.
  • Hair salons and beauty parlours, for manicures or non-medical pedicures, tattoo shops, etc.
  • Driving schools

You do, however, have to pay at the counter, and not online.

We have put a search engine at your disposal to inform you about the businesses where to spend your vouchers.

The use of the vouchers

To facilitate the use of consumption vouchers, Edenred has developed a solution to enable all retailers to accept them at their establishment.
Vouchers in electronic format can be accepted by the points of sale that are listed in the search engine and in the MyEdenred app. Soon, all the 40,000 Edenred partner retailers will automatically accept Consumption Voucher Edenred on their payment terminals in their physical points of sale.

If you have several voucher balances on your Edenred card, feel free to tell the cashier which type of voucher you want to pay for your purchases with. If the retailer can choose the voucher on their payment terminal, you will be debited from the type of voucher chosen. However, if the payment terminal does not offer the option to choose the voucher to be used for payment, the terminal will deduct the amount from the eligible voucher that will expire first. In this way, we reduce the risk that your vouchers expire and you don't have to worry about the different expiry dates.

It is also possible that an amount to pay in an outlet requires two transactions with the Edenred card. This scenario occurs if the balance of one of your wallets is insufficient to cover the whole amount to pay. If, for example, you want to pay for a bill of EUR 150 at a restaurant, you can pay for part of it with EUR 80 in Ticket Restaurant that will soon expire and the remaining EUR 70 in Consumption Voucher Edenred. In this case, you must insert your card in the terminal twice.

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