My consumption vouchers were used when I wanted to pay for my purchase with another voucher.

To facilitate the use of consumption vouchers, Edenred has developed a solution to enable all retailers to accept the Consumption Voucher Edenred at their establishment.

If a payment terminal does not offer the option to choose the voucher to be used for payment, the terminal deducts the amount from the eligible voucher that will expire first. The latter will automatically be used to pay for your purchase. In this way, we reduce the risk that your vouchers expire and you don't have to worry about the different expiry dates.


You have EUR 500 in Consumption Voucher Edenred valid until 31/12/2022 and you also have EUR 250 in Ticket EcoCheque valid until 30/06/2023 on your Edenred card. You go to a second-hand shop and pay for the purchase with your Edenred card. When it’s time to pay, the retailer’s payment terminal does not offer a choice of voucher to be used. As your EcoCheque are valid longer that your consumption vouchers, your payment will automatically be deducted from your Consumption Voucher Edenred account.

Good to know

The Consumption Voucher Edenred has the specific feature of enabling all the purchases that you can make with other Edenred solutions:

  • Food purchases – like with Ticket Restaurant

  • Ecological purchases – like with Ticket EcoCheque

  • Purchases for pleasure (fashion, cosmetics, games, Hi-Fi, travel, etc.) – like with Ticket Compliments

  • Purchases of entry tickets, sports subscriptions, books, etc. – like for Ticket Sport & Culture.

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