A retailer has rejected my Consumption Voucher Edenred, what should I do?

Edenred has made every effort to offer the vastest network of retailers possible where you can use the Consumption Voucher. However, each retailer has the right to accept the payment solutions of their choice at their establishment.

However, for the Paper Consumption Voucher, no specific procedure has to be followed. The retailer can accept them and simply send them to us via a form on edenred.be and we’ll take care of the refund. Any retailer can therefore accept the vouchers, on condition that their business is in Belgium.

For the electronic version, the points of sale that already accept Consumption Voucher Edenred are listed in the search engine and in the MyEdenred app. Soon, all the 40,000 Edenred partner retailers will automatically accept Consumption Voucher Edenred on their payment terminals in their physical points of sale.

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