Terms & Conditions for using the Edenred Mobility Card



Card User Conditions means these Mobility Edenred Card’s terms and conditions as varied from time to time. The latest Card User Conditions in force are accessible on our Website. These Card User Conditions are subject to the agreement entered into by Your Employer and Edenred regarding the provision of Mobility Edenred (“Customer Agreement”). For avoidance of doubt it is hereby stated that no contract is formed between Edenred and the Cardholder by activating and/or using the Mobility Edenred Card;

Available Balance means the value of funds loaded onto Your Mobility Edenred Card which is still available for use;

Cardholder means You the holder of the Mobility Edenred Card;

Data Discloser means the Party transferring the Personal Data to the Data Receiver;

Employer means Your employer that is participating in the Mobility Edenred program;

Merchants means selected merchants accepting Mobility Edenred Card as a payment instrument for Mobility Goods and Services.

Mobility Edenred (or Mobility Edenred Card or Card) refers to a prepaid card, and the affiliated services, with contactless features. Mobility Edenred Card is issued to you under these Card User Conditions by Edenred and is valid until the expiration date printed on the front of the Mobility Edenred Card in a “month-year” format and must not be used after this date;

Mobility Goods and Services means the goods and services related to mobility, as defined in and authorized by the Regulation and which can be purchased from the Merchants.

Mobility Goods and ServicesPIN code means the personal identification number associated with the Mobility Edenred Card which may be used by some merchants to validate a transaction. To get Your PIN code, please go to www.mymobility.edenred.be.

Regulation means the Belgian law of 17 March 209 regarding the instauration of a mobility budget, as well as its existing and future amendments, decrees and ordinances and other related regulations;

We, us, our means Edenred Belgium NV/SA, a company registered in Belgium, with the business identity code BE0407.034.269 that can be contacted at the following address: Vorstlaan/Bv du Souverain 165/9 in 1160 Brussels;

Website means the website at https://user.edenred.be/hc/en/categories/360000091997-Mobility which allows You to access the Card User Conditions;

Internet Service shall mean any software service provided by Edenred by which the Cardholder may manage its Card and matters relating thereto, these include the Mobility Edenred app and the personal webspace on mymobility.edenred.be;

You, Your means the Cardholder deemed eligible by Your employer for use of the Mobility Edenred Card.


Your rights and obligations related to the use of your Mobility Edenred Card are subject to these Card User Conditions. Please read these Card User Conditions carefully before using your Mobility Edenred Card. By activating and/or using you Mobility Edenred Card You are deemed to accept these Card User Conditions.


Mobility Edenred Card is a prepaid card managed by Edenred and issued by PrePay Technologies Ltd, a member of Edenred Group, under licence from MasterCard International Inc. The Card is issued to You personally, it is valid only in Belgium and can only be used for purchasing Mobility Goods and Services from Merchants.

Using Your card

The Mobility Edenred Card can only be used by a Cardholder to whom the Card is allocated by the Employer for purchasing Mobility Goods and Services or goods as defined and authorized by the.Regulation Edenred has entered into a Customer Agreement on Mobility Edenred Card with the Employer of the Cardholder.

The Mobility Edenred Card cannot be used at an ATM. The Available Balance cannot be exchanged for cash and no change shall be given after payment. The Mobility Edenred Card cannot be transferred to another Cardholder or to a third party. In the event that a transaction is cancelled or must be reversed, only the Card used for this transaction can be credited back. Damaged, altered, inactivated or cancelled Cards will not be accepted by the Merchants. Edenred will in no event refund the Available Balance even partially to the cardholder.

You will need to sign the back of the Card before using it.

The Cardholder will receive the PIN code when activating the Mobility Edenred Card. Therefore he needs to surf to www.mymobility.edenred.be in order to consult his PIN code.

The Cardholder must show the Card to the Merchant before making a purchase. You will need to validate any transactions made using the Card by one or more of the following methods (as required by the Merchant): signing the receipt; entering Your PIN code; tapping Your Card near a contactless payment reader/terminal for low-value payments (up to 25€); or entering the standard 3-digit security code that can be found on the back of the Card for on-line payment transactions

You will not be able to load funds onto your card Yourself, as new funds must be loaded by Your Employer. You can check the Available Balance and enquire for the forgotten PIN code by logging on to Your account on the Website, or by loading the Mobile application (available for iPhone and Android),

Mobility Edenred is subject to the Regulation and the Card can only be used for purchases of Mobility Goods and Services. The latest applicable Regulation are available on the Website as well as the website of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Finance. Limitations imposed by this Regulation may have impact on the features and functionalities of the Card. The Cardholder is responsible for the proper use of the Card. Any breach of terms may result in cancellation of the Card.


The Mobility Edenred Card is valid for 24 months until the expiry month and year printed on the front of the Card. The Card cannot be used after expiry of this period. The funds loaded on the Card are available for the duration of the current calendar year.

In case Your employment contract with Your Employer is terminated, the Available Balance on the Mobility Edenred Card will be unloaded by Your Employer on an Employer’s account.


If You need a new Card because, e.g. You have lost it, it must be ordered through the Employer. Edenred reserves the right not to replace the Card, if You are no longer deemed eligible by your Employer for obtaining a new Card.


Keeping your Card safe and safety limitations

The PIN code associated with the Card is personal and strictly confidential and must not be disclosed to any third party. You should never allow another person to use Your Card.

Any use of the Card shall be considered as having been validly made by the Cardholder, unless Edenred has been notified to block the Card in accordance with the procedures set forth in these Card User Conditions. If You lose Your Card, any value on it may be lost if You do not block the Card immediately thereafter. Please note that You will need to keep a record of the Card number for balance enquiries or to report the Card lost or stolen.

Transaction’s blocking order

If You want to block the Card, or if You lose it, or if it is stolen, please log into Your account via Internet Service and forward a request for a stop payment order. The stop payment order will become effective no later than that same day as from receipt by Edenred of the stop payment request. You can also directly contact Your Employer who shall contact Edenred in order to proceed to blocking the Card and replacing it. Whatever the cause may be, the Cardholder shall not receive any refund from Edenred for the blocking of the Card.

Edenred may provisionally restrict or permanently block the use of the Card at any time if it has reasonable grounds for suspecting a breach of these Card User Conditions. Edenred is entitled to notify the Employer of the Cardholder of the reasons why the use of the Card has been restricted.


The Cardholder is solely responsible for the safekeeping and use the Card that has been issued to him/her. Edenred shall not be held liable in case of loss, theft or any other cause whatsoever that is beyond its control.

Edenred provides the Cardholder with a payment instrument to be used by the Cardholder for purchasing Mobility Goods and Services from the Merchants. Edenred is responsible only for the operativity of the Card as a payment instrument. The liability of Edenred for the operativity of the Card is fixed in and determined by the Customer Agreement signed between Edenred and the Employer. If You encounter problems when using the Card, please contact Your Employer.

Edenred shall not be held responsible for any telecommunication failure or any other cause whatsoever that is beyond its control. Edenred shall not be held responsible for the operation of the Merchants or any services provided by them, including but not limited to availability of services, adequate functioning and quality; or for damages suffered as a consequence of the Merchants’ conductor for any other cause relating to Merchants.

Your information and data protection

Personal information, including Cardholder’s first name, last name, birthdate, language, title,  email address as well as data relating to the Edenred Mobility Goods and Services (mobility budget, point of distribution/delivery.) (”Personal Information”), relating to the Cardholder  is provided by the Employer to Edenred when the Card is requested by the Employer or activated or used by the Cardholder. Personal information is required for using the Card and necessary in order for Edenred and its group companies (including PrePay Technologies Ltd) to provide the Cardholder with services in accordance with these Card User Conditions. PrePay Technologies Ltd will act as a data processor of your personal information except for use of personal information in case of money laundering and terrorism financing prevention, where it will act as data controller.

Your Employer and Edenred both act as independent data controllers. More particularly, Edenred Belgium acts as a Controller as from the moment it receives the Personal Information from your employer.

Edenred processes Personal Information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection laws applicable in Belgium and in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ("GDPR") and in accordance with these Card User Conditions.

More information about the data processing as well as the list of data processors can be found in our Privacy Notice : https://www.edenred.be/as-doc/documents/en/gdpr/Privacy_Notice_EN.pdf

Your employer in its quality as Data Discloser is responsible and shall respond to your Data Subjects rights  and correct it where necessary.


Applicable law, disputes and complaints

These Terms and conditions shall be governed by Belgian law. Any disputes related to these Terms and conditions shall be resolved by the competent courts of Brussels.


Mobility Edenred and all rights associated with it shall remain the ownership of Edenred. Edenred may transfer their rights and responsibilities under these Card User Conditions to a company which is part of the Edenred group.

These Card User Conditions are drafted in French, Dutch and English but in case of any discrepancies the English version shall prevail.

The latest version of these card User Conditions is available on the Website. In case of any discrepancies, the version on the Website shall prevail.





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