How and where can I use my cost of living bonus in the form of Edenred Consumption?

The cost of living bonus is only valid in networks accepting Edenred Meal and Edenred Eco vouchers, both in physical shops and online in e-shops.

The vouchers can therefore be used in the following sectors:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail shops (grocery stores, sandwich shops, bakeries, small businesses, organic food stores and more)
  • Major retailers (supermarkets, electrical appliance retailers, DIY stores and more)

How do I know where I can use my cost of living bonus?

You have several options available to you:

  • Our search engine: enter your postcode to find all the shops near you that accept your Edenred Consumption.
  • Your MyEdenred app: you can also access our search engine using your MyEdenred account.
  • Our ‘Mes achats en ligne’ website: click on ‘Edenred Meal’ or ’Edenred Eco’ button and select your region to see a list of the online shops available.
  • Edenred Ecoshop: you will discover eco-friendly brands that accept Edenred Eco vouchers and, as a result, your Edenred Consumption.

How does the Edenred Consumptie work

If you have several voucher balances on your Edenred card, tell the cashier which type of voucher you want to pay for your purchases with. If the retailer can choose the type of voucher on their payment terminal, you will be debited from the voucher balance chosen. However, if the payment terminal does not offer the option to choose the type of voucher to be used, the terminal will deduct the amount from the eligible vouchers that will expire first. This allow us to reduce the risk that your vouchers expire and you don't have to worry about your vouchers having different expiry dates.

It is also possible that a payment in a retailer may require two transactions with Edenred card. This scenario occurs if the balance of one of your wallets is insufficient to cover the whole amount due. If, for example, you want to pay for a bill of €150 at a restaurant, you can pay for part of it with €80 in Edenred Meal vouchers that are due to expire and the remaining €70 with the cost of living bonus on the form of Consumption

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