Can I reactivate my expired cheques?

Edenred offers you the possibility of reactivating your meal, eco, and consumption vouchers that have expired within 3 months, for an additional period of 3 months. For example, if I have €100 of meal vouchers that expired on 01/01/23, it is possible to reactivate them up to and including 31/03/23.
With regard to the Royal Decree of 22/11/22, the following vouchers can be reactivated:

  • Ticket Restaurant
  • Ticket EcoCheque
  • Consumption Voucher Edenred

What are the steps to follow?

Electronic vouchers
  1. Create your personal MyEdenred space if you have not already done so. More info here.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on "my transactions" or directly on the wallet in which you wish to reactivate an expired voucher.
  4. Then, click on the button "Reactivate". The reactivate button will be displayed within 7 days after expiration of the voucher.

  5. A pop-up will confirm that your request is being processed, and that your voucher will be available for use again within 48 hours. It will then be automatically added to your balance. You will be notified by Edenred on your MyEdenred account e-mail address/login.

Paper vouchers

For the Consumption voucher Edenred, each voucher with an expiry date of 31/12/2022 will also have a validity date extended by 3 months, and will be usable until 31/03/2023.

For the Ticket EcoCheque, the new validity of the vouchers depends on the initial expiry dates indicated in the table below:

Initial expiry date New expiry date
30 september 2022

31 december 2022

31 october 2022

31 january 2023

30 november 2022

28 february 2023

31 december 2022

31 march 2023

31 january 2023 30 april 2023

Edenred Consumption vouchers are currently not reactivatable

Indeed, their expiration date (12/31/22) has now passed the 3-month period, making them no longer eligible for reactivation.

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